Krystian Czajkowski

Hello to all interested in my site about photography. My name is Krystian Czajkowski. I was born in Poland in 1985.

At the moment I live in England, Minehead. Just like every beginner photographer I did not care too much about my pictures looking great. I just wanted to take a shot and that’s all, but then I missed something in pictures, something which could improve my photos.

I started  indulging photography, and so began my story. I started taking shots when I was 17 years old. Now I’m a little delved in the ins and outs of photography, but never spoken of my photos, that they are so good that do not need any adjustments or that I am not making any mistakes on the contrary,  even for the most professional photographers bugs happen. In the end of the day – no one is perfect. Returning to me, I am self-taught. Photography is my passion, this is what I like and what I want to do, gives me joy right after my dear and wonderful family. As in everyday life we all learn something new I discover something new in photography every time I take my camera in my hands. There is always something to inspire me. I am trying always to achieve the things I want.

Only a part of my work is possible to see on my website, I will upgrade from time to time and supplement photos and blog. I hope this gives you a better picture of me and my work as a professional photographer. If you would like to ask me anything, just send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible and this is the easiest way to contact me. Thank you in advance for your interest in me and my work. If you do like some of my pictures and would like to have a purchase please write to me and we will be able to discuss prices with you. Thank you and greetings to all.


Krystian Czajkowski – (Ciawes)